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SAN MARINO GROUP was born in the 1960s by the hand of Pedro Marin Perez and his sons, Pedro, Raimundo and Jose Marín Núñez. Their inspiring initiative, effort and dedication to customer needs made a rapid growth of the company possible, becoming soon an industry benchmark. One of the company’s main strength is its solid family nature and its strong human and professional commitment to its employees and customers, which provide a high level of excellence for its products, all of that, due to the result of over 45 years of experience.


Fruit of a great effort and experience, SAN MARINO GROUP has become an international reference in the field of natural stone and has distinguished itself in several features:

Own quarries

A large variety of own quarries is been the company’s fundamental policy which has allowed the group to offer our customers a wide array of products as well as the assurance of quality and supply.


From the extraction process to the arrival of the product to the projects, the company has created highly specialized technical teams that provide significant support to the entire development process.


The company holds 5 production plants sized by a first-class production capacity, both in terms of quantitu(000 m2 per year), and selection of finishes and textures.

Global action

Through its history, and until now, GRUPO SAN MARINO has managed to build a brand throughout the world thanks to a constant global commitment. As a result, the group has managed to work for countless upscale projects on the 5 continents.


Experienced technical mineral Resources team

Highly specialized Production Team

Logistics Team

Commercial team


Sustainable development

It is an action guide of SAN MARINO GROUP, its commitment in sustainable working processes by creating respectful actions for our natural environment.

Social commitment

Its responsibility to the Northwest Region of Murcia, where its headquarters are located, is shown by its contributions to the construction of the social tissue of the region, participating in the creation of various associations and researching organizations, as well as supporting social, cultural and sporting events.


SAN MARINO GROUP also reaffirms its design and innovation dedication through outstanding constant R & D work, always with the determination to provide both design, decorative and constructive solutions to its customers, and placing it at the forefront of the industry.

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